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Metaflux® NSF - Food safe

NSF / Food

Products for the food sector with NSF approval

NSF International is the abbreviation for National Sanitation Foundation, an independent, selfless organization that sets standards and certifications for programs related to public health, safety, and the environment. Previously, Metaflux products intended for use in the food sector were labeled by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) as either H1 or H2 products. The NSF has now taken over this work with its registration program. The guidelines for NSF registration are similar to those used by the USDA. The NSF registration is internationally recognized and respected.

Metaflux is proud to be able to offer NSF-registered products to consumers as part of an ongoing commitment to safety and quality in the food sector. We give you an overview of these products with this catalog.

We recommend the products tested by the NSF not only for the areas of food, beverage, feed companies or medical technology, but also for companies that attach importance to tested human-friendly products!

All Metaflux products that have an NSF approval can be found on the Internet at:
www.nsf.org/usda/Listings.asp? company=C0026805