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75-83 Metaflux Grapefruit Turbo Power Air Freshener

75-83 Metaflux Grapefruit Turbo Power Air Freshener

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75-83 Turbo power Air Freshener - 600ml

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Grapefruit fragranced, super sized, turbo valved air freshener containing natural fragrances derived from citrus oils. The odour neutraliser is long-lasting and very powerful. 

Range of application

Anywhere there are unpleasant odours - Lavatories, Bathrooms, Workshops, industry, department stores, nursing homes, funeral homes, pathology, sanitary facilities, sports facilities, changing rooms, schools, public buildings, restaurants, dining rooms, hotels, etc.

Application: Shake before use. Briefly press on the special valve into the centre of a room. 


  • Instantly eliminates every unpleasant odour
  • Fresh, fruity scent (grapefruit)
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Ideal for coverage in large spaces
  • The turbo valve provides powerful and rapid delivery

600 ml