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Aromatec® Natural Oil Gels 99-19

Aromatec® Natural Oil Gels 99-19

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Long lasting fragrant gels made from “natural essential oils” for use in our AromAire® Gel Cabinets

If you suffer headaches as a result of synthetic oils in gels these are for you.

Range of application

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Makes every area  / room that much sweeter. Ideal for hotel receptions, care homes, offices, hospital wards, schools etc. Each gel lasts up to 6 weeks

A range of fragrances that offer therapeutic enhancement.


  • APPLE - relieves stress, relaxes, soothes, calms
  • TROPICANA - refreshes, encourages thirst, creates a festive atmosphere.
  • LAVENDER - relaxes, soothes, allows peaceful sleep, calms, decreases stress
  • LAVENDER & MIMOSA, WHITE NARCISSUS - calms, increases concentration, decreases stress.
  • CINNAMON - heightens creativity, stimulates energy, increases the desire to eat
  • PEPPERMINT - invigorates, increases alertness, relieves symptoms of travel sickness
  • MULBERRY - soothes, relaxes, decreases stress, calms.
  • CITRUS, ORANGE, JAFFA - stimulates, increases alertness, refreshes, aids in concentration