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Metaflux® 74-94 V-Secure Hygiene Cleaner

Metaflux® 74-94 V-Secure Hygiene Cleaner

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METAFLUX 74-94 V-Secure Hygiene Cleaner

Article No. 74-94

Aessed alkaline surfactant cleaner with hygienic effect

Reliably cleans steel, tiles, wood, plastic and other surfaces.
Removes the breeding ground from microorganisms.
Through its degreasing function, also acts on the lipid membranes of viruses and dissolves them.
The surface becomes hygienically clean.

• label-free
• free of VOC
• removes fat, oil, resin, wax, nicotine, protein and much more
• non-flammable and non-abrasive
• highly concentrated, dilutable up to 1:10
• made in Germany

For unfired paints, aluminum and zinc coatings, use the cleaner only heavily diluted!
Perform a compatibility test before use.
Protect from frost.

Art.No. 74-9401 1-liter bottle
Art.No. 74-9405 5-liter canister
Art.No. 74-9410 10-liter canister
Art.No. 74-9420 20-liter canister