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Metaflux® NSF 75-77 Universal Cleaner - GreenLine.

Metaflux® NSF 75-77 Universal Cleaner - GreenLine.

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METAFLUX 75-77 Universal Cleaner (NSF)

Article No. 75-77
Alkaline universal cleaner and degreaser specially developed for the food sector against strong
organic and mineral pollution, such as oil, fat and protein on almost all surfaces. Through the
surfactants contained in the cleaner reduce the surface tension and thus the dirt is removed.
• concentrate
• short-term corrosion protection
• oil separator compatible, tested according to ÖNORM B 5105
• odorless
• dilutable depending on application (up to 1:40)
Areas of application: food and beverage industry, dairies, commercial kitchens, agriculture, hospitals, sanitary area, cleaning companies.
Color: pink
pH value: 11.5
Approval: NSF A1
75-7710 10 l canister
75-7720 20 l canister
75-7740 40 (2x20) l canister
75-7702 200 l plastic barrel7