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Metaflux 70-09 Biolube Spray - NSF

Metaflux 70-09 Biolube Spray - NSF

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METAFLUX 70-09 Biolub Spray (NSF)

Article No. 70-09
All mechanical devices in the entire food, food and
Beverage area (in accordance with § 31 and § 5 LFGB) as well as for medical
Devices. For the lubrication and maintenance of seals, joints and moving parts.
Meat processing, wineries, distilleries, ciders, commercial kitchens, clinics,
Hotels, large bakeries, laboratories, dairies, mills, etc.
Special lubricants for the entire food sector
• free of vegetable and animal fats (no rancidity)
• insoluble in water
• tasteless, odorless, colorless
• skin-friendly
Capillary effect
• free of silicone
Color: colorless
Temperature resistance: -30°C to +120°C
Viscosity: 15.5 mm2/s
Approval: NSF H1
400 ml spray can
12 doses = 1 PUM